Stephani Hillen - September ESP

Stephani Hillen Congratulations to Stephani Hillen! Stephani is a program secretary at Star of the North Secondary School Career Education Center (CEC) and the first Extra Special Support Staff Person of the new school year.
Stephani is known as an indispensable resource for CEC staff, students, and families. In the office, she not only manages her administrative responsibilities with expert care but also maintains a high level of customer service for all who contact the school. Stephani provides students with a wealth of information for their unique circumstances and has the ability to connect with students on a personal level. She also appreciates the importance of graduation for CEC families and oversees every detail of the ceremony in both May and June.
“Stephani is the first contact for just about everyone who calls CEC and she understands the importance of her role,” said Head Teacher Craig Kind. “She is the most helpful person at CEC and she is there to help students. She also serves as a role model for our students – a living embodiment of what hard work and perseverance can get you. She is the success story.”