Truly Betts - April ESP

Truly Betts Congratulations to Truly Betts! Truly is a lead after school program coordinator and the April Extra Special Support Staff Person.
As coordinator, Truly has lead a variety of after school programs and is known for her creativity, upbeat demeanor, and her boundless enthusiasm for her work and her students.
“Truly gets along with everyone! Students, families, teachers, administrators – and she always has a smile for all,” said Director of Community After Schools Program, Julie Wild-Curry.
This fall, Truly transferred from North Pole Elementary to Denali Elementary to spearhead a new STEAM focused grant program even though it meant a much farther commute than usual. Under her guidance, the program has been a success.
“She always works above and beyond to achieve the best outcomes for students, families, and the school district,” said Wild-Curry.
Thank you Truly, for all that you do for students and for brightening the days of all those around you.