Which tests are used to determine eligibility?

Posted by: Lorri Heneveld

All students who are being considered for the Extended Learning Program need to have a measure of their cognitive ability and their school achievement. In third grade, the cognitive measure can come from the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2) that is given to all third grade students in the district.

For students in higher grades, the Cognitive Abilities Test is used to determine the cognitive abilities of the student. This test can also be used in the third grade if the NNAT2 suggests that the student needs a cognitive measure that is more verbally oriented. For the school achievement portion of the testing, we use the most current MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) scores within the past year. If the scores are greater than a year old, or if another measure of achievement is warranted, then we administer the Woodcock Johnson IV Tests of Achievement.

Often when a student transfers to our district, the student does not have achievement testing that is current, or that matches what our district uses. In that case, we would administer the Woodcock Johnson IV to determine achievement levels. Some students are highly creative and may be given a Torrance Test of Creative Abilities. We can also accept an IQ score from the WISC IV or the Stanford-Binet.

Lorri Heneveld