FREE Books!!

Posted by Julia Troike on 10/6/2021 12:05:00 PM

So many books, yet so little room.... So we're pulling out some books that are a bit worn, may no longer be as popular or useful as they once were so that we can make room for new books.  

In the Library world, we call this "Weeding".  Think of a garden, if you don't pull weeds it will crowd and maybe kill the plants you want to grow.  It's pretty similar with books... how can you browse when there's so much stuff in the way?!  Also, we need to make room for new books.

So check out our FREE Book section, these books are to keep.  Students may take up to 2 books from it per school day.  Read them, craft with them, whatever you want.  The Free Book section is by the couch.  These books need a good home, hope it's with you. :)