Open Circles: Conversations About Issues of Race and Equity

Posted by Shayna Ellingrud on 6/23/2020 5:00:00 PM

Click here to watch the Zoom recording of Open Circles: Conversations about issues of Race & Equity.

During tonight's Open Circles: Conversations about issues of Race and Equity, we will introduce the basic principles for listening, use interactive tools in a digital platform, and create smaller breakout groups for conversations to take place. Each time we offer a workshop it's a little different based on audience participation. Tonight we hope to provide our community another way to keep these conversations moving forward and leave you with resources for continued learning.  

Creating a safe place for people to realize their natural talents. 

The Fairbanks Coalition Builders are excited to support opportunities for honest conversations around race and equity with the Fairbanks community. Using the effective infrastructure and networking capabilities of the FNSBSD we hope to reach a wide audience and help facilitate community engagement. The FCBs offer a supportive place for people to engage in conversations they have been wanting to have, but not always known how.  Through the principles of the National Coalition Building Institute, FCB helps create an environment for open dialogue with the focus on listening to learn and sharing without shaming. This process builds empathy for different perspectives and invites people to let go of misunderstandings and judgments.  The goal is not to challenge people, but to welcome anyone who wants to learn from others and become a better human in the process.