Demientieff Group 2: Learning Extension Options

Posted by Jody Demientieff on 4/6/2020 8:00:00 AM

Good morning you Distance Delivery Ninjas!  

ART with Mr. B. ART with Mr. B. -hyperlinked

To get to your child's "backpack"-

K-2 students should use ClassLink to access programs like: Smarty Ants, PebbleGo, RedBird, and BrainPOP. Your student's teacher may have also created links to additional engagement activities that can be accessed through ClassLink. Click ClassLink and select sign in with your student's Google password.
I have separated out Journeys Anthology and Journeys leveled readers for yoru convenience.
Scholastic Learn At Home - hyperlinked for you:)
Scholastic Learn At Home presents grade level day-by-day projects to keep students reading, thinking, and growing.
No tech-Easter STEM challenges:
Egg stacking challenge-How high of tower can you make with plastic egg halves in one minute?
Easter Egg Roll Races with Ramps-Who can build a ramp that makes the plastic egg roll the farthest distance?  

              Group 2:  “You didn’t know I was a Distance-Delivery Ninja?”  -Extension Demientieff Lesson Plan for Families-April 2020


This will be Group 2- “You didn’t know I was a Distance-Delivery Ninja?”-extension activities to go with the core learning for families with internet.  All of these are bonus and do not need to be graded.  Pick and choose what your child would like to do and what you have supplies for.  Have fun!  I will e-mail and post these in my newsletter with the login information on the first school day of each week with new ideas to coordinate with the daily lessons!