Fall 2022-2023 Sports

Fall Athletics



Cross Country Running: 

First Practice: July 27th, Noon at Hutchison High School.

Coach:Robert Marcotte: robert.marcotte@k12northstar.org 907-322-0342



First Practice: July 27th

Coach: Hailey Messick: messickhailey@gmail.com

Coach: Caitlin Deutsch: caitdeutsch@gmail.com


Flag Football:

First Practice: 3 p.m. August 1st. Turf Fields, Davis Road

Coach: Rhonda Driscoll, rhonda.driscoll@k12northstar.org 503-250-0266


Swim & Dive: 

First Practice: August 3rd

Coach: Robert Vollmer, robert.vollmer@yahoo.com



First Practice: August 3, try outs Aug. 3, 4, 5th.  3-6 pm. August 8 starts regular practice JV 2:30-4:30. Varsity 4:30-6:30p,

Coach: David Hallbrooks: 907-322-7126 david_halbrooks@yahoo.com



First Practice: August 24: ​​Rifle meeting for all interested students August 24 after school, library or commons,TBD, parents welcome.  Tryouts first 3 days of practice. Practices Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri at TVSA from 3-5pm.

Coach: Audrey Lammers: audrey.lammers@k12northstar.org


First Practice: September 26th

Coach: Skyler Evans: skyler.evans@k12northstar.org



First Practice: September 28th

Coach: Mike Hatfield: mike.hatfield@hotmail.com