Fall Athletics 2019/2020

Anyone interested in participating in Fall Athletics needs to complete the following: 

1. Complete an account at arbiterathlete.com (see below)

2. Complete forms for new school year, both new & former athletes

3. Parents/Guardians also create an account to link with athlete's

4. Parents/Guardians esign completed athlete forms 

5. Upload a current physical, physicals are good for 18 months.


Fall Athletics Start Dates 

Cross Country - July 31 

     Practice begins at 3:00 pm at UAF Ski Hut


Flag Football - August 7 

      Practice begins at 3:00 pm West Valley baseball field 


Swimming -August 7

       Practice begins 8-10:00 am at Hamme Pool 


Tennis - July 31  

      Practice begins at the Dan Ramras Commuity Tennis Coutrs

      (DRCTC) 5-7:00 pm 


Volleyball - August 7-9 (Try-outs)

     Begin at 4-7:00 pm in the Hutchison gym

     Preseason Conditioning - Tues/Thurs 6:00-8:00pm


    Season will begin Sept. 11 the first three days will be tryouts. See page for additional info.   


Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any sport/activity until they have completed all the forms through artbiterathlete and have posted a current physical through arbiterathlete.