Parent-Teacher Conferences

Scheduling Your Conferences on Oct. 31st and do some Trick-or-Treating:

Log into your Parent PowerSchool account.
  • Click on the small box with an arrow pointing up and to the right, located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click on the PowerPTC page link.
  • Click on Conference Schedule.
  • Select the date you would like to schedule your appointments on.
  • Select a starting time for your appointments.
  • If you would not like to attend conferences with certain courses, uncheck the box under the Schedule column.
  • Click Build Your Schedule Now!
  • Finally, click Print Schedule to create a hard copy of your parent-teacher conference schedule.
  • If you are scheduling for more than one student, you can switch the active student you are scheduled for by clicking on the Select a Student link from the left-hand menu.

Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday, Nov. 1st is Arena Style conferences on a Walk-In setup.

First-come-first-served for meeting with teachers in the gymnasium.