Sub Announcements

*Effective January 9, 2018
Substitutes and Temporary Employees must clock in and out for their assignments which are paid at an hourly rate. Communication was first emailed 12/15/2017. Additional material will be mailed before the holiday break. 
Copy of communication that was emailed and mailed to all subs & temps


*Effective January 7, 2018
All subs and temps will be required to have current trainings on file for Bloodborne Pathogens and Child Abuse and Neglect - Mandated Reporters.

*Effective February 6, 2017:
Alaska State Certified Substitute Teachers will be paid $20.00 per hour for daily TEACHER assignments. All other sub/temp rates of pay remain the same.

*Effective January 1, 2017:
The qualifications to be a substitute teacher will change to an Associate's Degree or 48 college credits. Previously, a Bachelor's Degree was required. If you are a new applicant, please attach your transcripts to your online application. Current employees, please obtain your transcripts and contact Bri Dryver to be activated as a sub.