ACCESS for ELLs Testing February 1st - March 31st

Posted by Virva Elliott on 1/26/2021

The State of Alaska mandated annual English Language Proficiency Assessment, ACCESS for ELLs, will be administered to all ELL students starting February 1st. The testing window is open until the end of March.

Trained ELL Program staff at schools will be administering the test, the testing dates will vary by school. Students who are eLearning or remote learning will be scheduled specific testing times - ELL staff will contact parents/guardians regarding the specific times. ACCESS for ELLs can not be administered remotely, students will need to come to school for testing.

ELL staff will follow the guidance from the school district and WIDA to ensure a safe testing environment: students will be seated at least 6 feet apart (individual testing can also be arranged), desks will be disinfected between students, and both ELL staff and students are required to wear masks.

ACCESS for ELLs helps teachers to determine the supports ELL students need. For a student to exit ELL in the State of Alaska, the student needs to reach an overall score of 4.5 or above in ACCESS for ELLs. The overall scores range from 1.0 (beginner) to 6.0 (fluent).

Prior to testing, students can take practice tests. You can find the link to practice tests here: Sample ACCESS for ELLs Test Items. You can also find more information about the ACCESS for ELLs assessment here.

If a student misses testing due to COVID-related or other reasons, this will not change the student's eligibility for ELL support services. The student will continue to receive ELL Program support until he/she is able to take the ACCESS for ELLs test and meet the State of Alaska exit criteria (overall score of 4.5 or above).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding testing, please contact the ELL staff at your student's school or Virva Elliott, the Director of ELL Program, at or (907) 452-2000 ext. 11467.