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Schedule Information

For the 2012-2013 school year Ryan Middle will not be using the Bell Schedule.  Instead student's will attend all of their classes 5 days a week with exploratory classes around lunch.  Exploratory classes are intended to enhance the discovery process.  The goal is for students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and exciting.  Students will have the opportunity to take four exploratory classes of their choosing.

Electives: Students can choose up to two electives to take for the school year.  Students who participate in band or choir will do so for the entire year while students who do not have the opportunity to choose two electives.  These electives could be art, Spanish, world languages, choir, family and consumer science, introduction to computer skills (7th grade only), computer applications (8th grade only), journalism and publications, and literature.  

The exploratory classes being offered next year are as follows:
Math Tutorial
Study Skills
Reading Skills
Writer's Workshop
Guard Start
Ballroom Dance
Weight Lifting & Conditioning
Studio Art/Digital Photography
Jazz Band
Family & Consumer Science
Toys in Science
Ryan Advisors/Peer Mentors
Multi-Cultural Club
Speech and Drama
Studio Art/Special Topics
Comparative Literature
Problem Solving/Math Counts
Journalism & Publication

*Courses are subject to change according to budgetary and staffing allocation.