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Afternoon Busing at Watershed

Afternoon Busing at Watershed

Once again, afternoon busing will be provided for interested Watershed families.

If think you might ever use afternoon busing, PLEASE contact Mr. Decker with the following information:

  1. The names of your children
  2. The hub school where they will be making the transfer (UPark, Tanana, Ryan, or Randy Smith)
  3. The bus route they will be taking to their neighborhood bus stop (see links below).
  4. Your home address.
  5. Two reliable contact phone numbers (ex. mom's work, dad's cell) 

Here's how busing at Watershed works:

Families living in the University Park Elementary attendance area:

A shuttle bus will leave Watershed at 3:05 and arrive at University Park Elementary at 3:15. Students will need to transfer from the shuttle to your neighborhood bus route after arriving at UPark. You can look up your local bus stop (location and time) and route number using the website below. Just type in your address, click on UPark, and look at the afternoon times/route numbers. "Route descriptions" are pictures assigned to each route number. For example, Route #28 is the "Bell" bus.

All other Fairbanks families

Three shuttle buses will transport students to neighborhood middle schools. A shuttle bus heading to TANANA  MIDDLE will leave Watershed at 3:30, picking up students from Effie Kokrine on the way. Shuttles heading to RANDY SMITH and RYAN middle schools will leave Watershed at 3:45. Shuttles should arrive at the middle schools by 4:00 and then students will need to transfer to their neighborhood bus route. The website below (it's the same one as above!) will give you the afternoon times/route numbers for your neighborhood. Be sure to click on the name of the middle school since our students will be riding on middle school buses.

North Pole families

Students will ride the shuttle bus to RYAN MIDDLE SCHOOL, then transfer to a RYAN neighborhood bus route that will take them to NORTH POLE MIDDLE after dropping of all its Ryan students. This bus will arrive at North Pole Middle around 5:00 pm. Parents MUST be there to meet the bus. North Pole Middle will be locked by the time that bus arrives.

Other Requirements

  • Students should be able to make the transfer on their own. We will provide the hub schools with bus rider information and print bus route information on backpack tags to help our students and bus duties at the hub schools direct kids to the proper buses. 
  • If you plan to pick up your child from one of the hub schools, your child will still need to be assigned a home neighborhood route in case you are late and miss the transfer. Students transfer buses at 3:15 at UPark and 4:00 at the middle schools. Please familiarize yourself with school's parking lot procedures (stay out of the bus lane!) and be ready to show identification to pick up your child. 
  • Students will be held to high behavior standards on the buses. If a student has multiple behavior issues on a bus, he or she will lose the busing privilege.
  • Non-regular bus riders and students riding a different bus than their regular route will need a bus deviation form. A parent of the bus rider needs to call or e-mail the office in order to authorize us to generate a bus deviation for your child. Students are not allowed to request a bus deviation (although they do try!).