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Let's Talk! Launch

If you visit the any page on the main school district website ( you may notice an orange “Contact Us” tab at the bottom right corner, or “Contact Us” on the main horizontal menu bar.


In order for the district to stay more connected to our community, we’ve made it easier for stakeholders to reach district leadership with the launch of a new online communication solution, Let’s Talk!


Let’s Talk! enables anyone to submit a question, comment, concern, or compliment about the district or its schools 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Teams within the administrative center are assigned to topics related to their department or program and will answer any incoming dialogues.


Let’s Talk! will help the district build stronger community relationships, identify opportunities for engagement, and spot potential crises because it facilitates an open dialogue between district leaders and community members. Let’s Talk! also offers unique features that will help the district track the quality of its service so we can continuously improve.


Right now we’re doing a “soft launch” where the tool is live on the website and district staff have been sent info on the new platform. A big communication push to students, parents, and the community will happen in January 2019.