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Fairbanks Students Receive UA Scholarships | December 2023

Congratulations to the following FNSBSD students who qualified to each receive a $12,000 scholarship from University of Alaska UA Scholar Program. Of the 923 high school seniors selected from 225 high schools across Alaska, 80 were FNSBSD students.

UA Scholars are designated as eligible for the scholarship based on their class rank at the end of their junior year. Awardees receive the $12,000 scholarship in $1,500 payments over eight semesters for use at the University of Alaska Anchorage, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Southeast or any of their community campuses. In addition, UA Scholars are offered free applications for admission. 

UA Scholars can use their award to engage in a wide range of educational experiences. Whether students prefer traditional classroom learning or online education, they can choose from the hundreds of degree or certificate programs offered throughout the University of Alaska system. While the award is specifically for use within UA, students can use the funds for study abroad (internationally), or participate in the National Student Exchange program within the United States through the universities.

Learn more about the UA Scholar Program here.

First Name Last Name  High School
Raul Lopez Eielson High School
Autumn Guidry Eielson High School
Aiden Gutierrez Eielson High School
McKenna Nelson Eielson High School
Ella Roberts Fairbanks BEST School
Matthew Kim Fairbanks BEST School
Grace Li Fairbanks BEST School
Eunice Won Fairbanks BEST School
Teslin Brannan Fairbanks BEST School
Rylee Barney Fairbanks BEST School
Enoch Worthington Fairbanks BEST School
Phoebe Holm Fairbanks BEST School
Jomell Ramirez Hutchison High School
Kassandra Petersen Hutchison High School
Tyler Skaggs Hutchison High School
Isabella Marks Hutchison High School
Connor Dolan Hutchison High School
Benjamin Cochran Hutchison High School
John Bohanan Hutchison High School
Rose Mackinaw Hutchison High School
Angel Dorothy Tawney Lathrop High School
David Wonderlich Lathrop High School
Alyssa Stewart-Barger Lathrop High School
Cody Webb Lathrop High School
Emily Harvey Lathrop High School
Paige Hochhalter Lathrop High School
Omar Shubair Lathrop High School
Katelyn Longshore Lathrop High School
Cherub Adeniran Lathrop High School
Fiona Beardsley Lathrop High School
Nora Lambert Lathrop High School
Alyssa Day Lathrop High School
Eliza Riordan Lathrop High School
Katie Witt Lathrop High School
Justin Oestreich Lathrop High School
Elodie Dahle Lathrop High School
John Haas Lathrop High School
Paxson Ott Lathrop High School
Noah Stahl Lathrop High School
Grace White Monroe High School
William Bast Monroe High School
Aaron Pangilinan North Pole High School
William Good North Pole High School
Alexander Smith North Pole High School
Danielle Beks North Pole High School
Jackson Bixler North Pole High School
Danika Dawley North Pole High School
Tausha Gannon North Pole High School
Brayden Robinson North Pole High School
Jezamine Flayac North Pole High School
Kenai Borgen North Pole High School
Raegan Kingry North Pole High School
Sophia Schultze North Pole High School
Maria Menninger Raven Correspondence School
Sariah Rodgers Raven Correspondence School
Thomas Weisensel Raven Correspondence School
Natalie Napolilli Raven Correspondence School
Hope Durham Raven Correspondence School
Alexia Hedrick Star of the North Career Education Center
Emma-Li Ames West Valley High School
Rylee DeVaughn West Valley High School
Ava Pletnikoff West Valley High School
Kaija Vick West Valley High School
Elizabeth Cable West Valley High School
Molly Cable West Valley High School
Manuel Lai West Valley High School
Esha Hullavarad West Valley High School
Yusra Khasawneh West Valley High School
Mariana Low West Valley High School
Emma Ackerman West Valley High School
Zarah Laker-Morris West Valley High School
Hannah Willis West Valley High School
Tierra Kazenoff West Valley High School
Kristy Miller West Valley High School
Mercedes Anderson West Valley High School
Owen Bateman West Valley High School
Greta Kenaston West Valley High School
Lilly Penn West Valley High School
Owen Merrill West Valley High School
Olivia Cole West Valley High School