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FNSBSD: Press Release - Hutchison High Start Date Delayed and Transportation Change | August 5, 2022

Date: August 5, 2022


Subject: Hutchison High Start Date Delayed and Transportation Change


FAIRBANKS - The first day of school at Hutchison High will be delayed until Monday, August 22, due to a damaged breaker and no electricity. The recent wind storm damaged the school power breaker and it is inoperable. Until the breaker is rebuilt and reinstalled, the building will remain without electricity and out of service. The District is working closely with school administrators and staff to ensure they are supported and can continue to prepare for the school year. Contingency plans are being prepared for students and staff in case the repair time takes longer than expected. 


Transportation Change - Due to the severe shortage of bus drivers, and because Hutchison High is a school of choice, families will be responsible for all transportation and there will be no bus routes to or from Hutchison High. To help with traffic congestion at drop off and pick up, families will be able to utilize the bus lane on the left side of the building, or the back UAF parking lot.


A transportation survey from Hutch Principal Robyn Taylor was sent to families to confirm they have transportation for their student. If families are not able to provide transportation to Hutchison High, students will need to enroll in their neighborhood high school.


For more information, please contact: Joshua DuVall, Director of Communications, (907) 452-2000 ext.11438, or