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Updated Modified Operations | January 18, 2022

TO:      All Principals; Nurses; Supervisors

FROM: Karen Melin, Chief School Administrator Luke Meinert, Assistant Superintendent Kate        LaPlaunt, Assistant Superintendent

SUBJECT: Update to Modified Operations

In the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District’s Maintaining In-Person Learning During COVID-19, 2021-2022 COVID-19 Protocols, the district identifies layers of operation, including Level 3 - Modified Operations.

Modified Operations could involve all or some of the following mitigation and screening measures. All visitors would be expected to adhere to the school's current protocols.

  1. Regular surveillance testing of identified students and staff (see Heightened Protection Protocol, pg. 10)
  2. Masking for a set period of time for a school, grade band, classroom, activity group, etc.
  3. Building access during the school day may be limited
  4. Limit large group gatherings
  5. Increase high touch surface cleaning
  6. Minimize student movement as much as possible in the building
  7. Sharing of classroom supplies should be limited
  8. PE Instruction occurs outdoors as much as weather permits

Principals, in consultation with the Assistant Superintendents and Director of Nursing or Occupational Health Nurse, can determine which of these actions to take to minimize the spread of illness and maintain in-person learning. While the Heightened Protection Protocol, which includes both masking and testing of identified groups, can still be used, Principals now may utilize masking, without the requirement for testing, as a layer of protection before the HPP step.

This option, like all options under Modified Operations, can be administered for a single class, a cohort of classes, a sports team or activity group, or when necessary for the whole school community. When Modified Operations applies to the whole school, post notices on the front doors, entrances and at the front office specifically alerting staff, students, itinerant staff, and visitors of what protocol expectations are in place for the school. Parents, students, and staff should be made aware of the mitigation protocols and the duration or timeline, typically for about 10 days.

Read the complete 2021-2022 COVID-19 Protocols here: