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Updated alternate school bus stops for bad road conditions posted


Do you live in the hills? Your student’s bus route may have a designated alternate stop for bad road conditions and it’s time to be prepared for the arrival of winter.


School bus routes in the hills are especially vulnerable to developing poor road conditions in bad weather. Some school bus routes have designated alternate stops that may be used if road conditions are too hazardous for buses to use the regular stops. 


If alternate stops are activated for the morning routes, they will also be used for the afternoon routes. We know that changes to routine can cause confusion and encourage you to follow five easy steps to ensure your family is prepared for possible impacts of bad road conditions.


Know your route. Look up your student’s route now and make sure you know what route your student rides and the locations of the regular stop and the alternate stop to avoid confusion. The list of alternate stops is posted online. The district Transportation Department website is a useful resource. Staff at your school office or the transportation department can also assist you in determining your student’s route, including regular and alternate stops.


Make a plan. Decide now how your family will handle the change to alternate stops and ensure everyone knows the plan. When afternoon alternate stops are being used, drivers are required to only release a student into the supervision of a parent or guardian, regardless of the age of the student.


Submitting a bus deviation to your student’s school is the only way to allow a different course of action. If a student’s parent/guardian may not always be able to meet the bus at the afternoon alternate stop, we urge families to use bus deviations as a solution.


A deviation can give permission for a variety of options such as:

  • A trusted neighbor or family friend can pick up a student from the bus stop
  • A student can walk home from the alternate stop
  • A student can ride a different route to a friend or relative’s house or other location.


Bus deviations are available through your school office and can be used on an “as needed” basis. Your school office staff or the transportation office staff can help walk you through the options.


Stay informed. If the superintendent decides alternate stops are necessary, the announcement will be sent out to families at impacted schools via text message, email, and mobile app notification as well as posted on the district homepage, posted on the transportation department webpage, and shared on Facebook and Twitter. Keeping your contact information up-to-date in PowerSchool will ensure you receive these communications.


Bring identification. Bus drivers are required to check identification for anyone picking up a student at an alternate stop. Please remember to bring identification with you to pick up your student. Please remind individuals approved through bus deviations to bring identification with them when meeting the bus.


Sign up for bus notifications. Use your PowerSchool account to sign up for late bus notifications. The alerts come directly from First Student and will indicate when the alternate stops for your route have been activated. Through a guardian PowerSchool account, notifications can be set up to go out via text and/or email. Through a student PowerSchool account, notifications can be received via text. A helpful tutorial is available.


These preparations will help minimize disruptions when we must implement alternate routes on bad weather days. In addition to receiving the late bus notifications, you can check bus status online.


If you have questions about your student’s bus route, please talk with your school office staff or call the Transportation Department at 452-2000, option 4.



Sharice Walker