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Alaska EdVenture Podcast Episode 17: Champion Minds: AcaDeca Success from Lathrop High | May 2024

In this podcast episode, Superintendent Dr. Meinert sits down with Academic Decathlon national and state champions from Lathrop High School - Jeffrey Goddard, Elias Carosso, and Joaquin Carosso. Join them as they discuss their AcaDeca journey, school victories, competitions, and the importance of learning how to learn.

Jeffrey Goddard (senior, just graduated) - started with our team as a freshman and has competed in more AcaDeca competitions (15) than any other Alaskan in history.  He's also the first Alaskan to ever compete in 4 national finals.  With his team these past four years, their team placement in Division 2 overall has been 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, and now 1st (chronologically).  He was this year's individual Varsity national champion in mathematics, and earned a total of 5 individual top-3 finishes.   
Elias Carosso (sophomore) - started with the team last year but this was his first year competing.  He was the highest scoring student in all of Division 2 - an Alaskan first - and was the overall honors national champion as well as an individual national honors champion in math, science, literature, and art.
Joaquin Carosso (sophomore) - started with the team last year, and was the 4th highest scoring overall individual at the Division 2 nationals, and was the individual honors national champion in Interview.

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