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2024 AASSP Region VI Principal of The Year: Dave Dershin | April 2024

April 1, 2024 – Press Release from Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals
Randy Smith Middle School Principal Dave Dershin has been named Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals (AASSP) Region VI Principal of the Year. Randy Smith Middle School is in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, where he has served as a principal for 10 years. 
AASSP sponsors regional and statewide Principal of The Year recognition awards to honor the educational leaders who play such a pivotal role in student success. They may be nominated by anyone – students, staff, parents, district office staff or principal peers - with awards finalized by AASSP members in their region. Regional Principals of The Year are eligible to be in the running for the statewide Alaska Principal of The Year.
Dr. Luke Meinert, Superintendent of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, shared that Principal Dershin exemplifies outstanding leadership. "His innovative spirit and remarkable ability to forge deep bonds within the school community make him an exceptional administrator."
Robyn Taylor, a colleague of Principal Dershin, said, "Dave is incredibly organized, insightful, and forward-thinking for the betterment of his school community and the district." 
Dr. Meinert congratulated Principal Dershin on his recognition, saying, "We are truly privileged to have Dave as part of our team, and look forward to his continued leadership as he transitions into the principal role at Hutchison High School for the 24-25 school year."
Each AASSP 2024 Regional Principal of The Year will be awarded and recognized at the 58th Annual Alaska Principals' Conference in Anchorage.