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Interior Music Students Earn Command Titles in State Competition | May 16, 2023

Congratulations Interior Music Programs on securing Command Titles at this weekend’s State Solo & Ensemble Festival competition in Anchorage!
North Pole, West Valley, and Lathrop, congratulations to your state champions!
1st Command 
Flute Solo
“Concerto No. 2 in D Major: 1. Allegro”
Phoebe Christensen (WVHS)
1st Command 
Violin Solo
“Concerto No. in g minor, opus 26”
Asa Edwards (WVHS)
3rd Command 
Violin Solo
“Romanian Dances 1,4,5,6”
Fiona Secor (WVHS)
1st Command
Clarinet Solo
“Solo De Concours”
Cody Webb (LHS)
2nd Command
Oboe Solo
“Romances: Movement 3”
Christopher Park (LHS)
3rd Command
Percussion Solo
“Presto in A Minor”
Mason O’Neil (LHS)
1st Command
Classical Vocal Solo
“Deh Vieni Alla Finestra”
Tyler Skinner (LHS)
2nd Command
Jazz Vocal Solo
“I’m Beginning to See the Light”
Ava Stewart (LHS)
1st Command
Large Ensemble Classical
Lathrop Concert Choir
2nd Command 
Large Ensemble Classical
“Dominus Vobiscum”
North Pole Choir
1st Command
Large Ensemble Show Choir
Lathrop Show Choir
1st Command
Large Ensemble Musical Theatre
“I Won’t Say I’m in Love”
West Valley Concert Choir
1st Command 
Musical Theatre Solo
“Being Alive”
Karley Thrun (WVHS)
2nd Command (tie between LHS & WVH)
Musical Theatre Solo
“The Miller’s Son”
Zoe Foshee (WVHS)
“Still Hurting”
Katie O’Rear (LHS)
1st Command
Woodwind Ensemble
“Concerto for Two Flutes: Mov 1”
Accompanist: Jim Spontak
Flute - Ayla Rodgers (WVH)
Flute - Amanda Skott (LTH)
2nd Command
Trumpet Solo
“Sonata for Trumpet and Piano: Mov. 1”
Seth Burke (HUTCH/WVHS)
1st Command
World Instrument Solo
“Castle Hill”
Adlee Demientieff (WVHS)
1st Command
Small Jazz Instrumental Ensemble
Flute - Phoebe Christensen (WVH)
Electric Piano - Daniel Cheney (LTH)
Electric Bass - Adlee Demientieff (WVH)
Drum Set - Mason O’Neil (LTH
2nd Command
Small Jazz Instrumental Ensemble
“Stolen Moments”
Alto Saxophone - Phoebe Christensen (WVH)
Tenor Saxophone - Chase Laro (LTH)
Bari Saxophone - Josh Wodrich (LTH)
Trumpet - Seth Burke (WVH)
Piano - Daniel Cheney (LTH)
Upright Bass - Stratton Neibaur (WVH)
Drum Set - Sadie Richert (WVH)
1st Command
Percussion Ensemble
Xylophone - Mason O’Neil (LTH)
Marimba 1 - Madelyn Guffey (WVH)
Marimba 2 - Ethan Conkey (NPH)
Marimba 3 - Quinton Kelly (WVH)
Marimba 4 - Hannah Sears (WVH)
Glockenspiel - Kalani Hoodecheck (WVH)
Vibraphone - Chris Casados (WVH)