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FNSBSD: Transportation Update | October 27, 2021

Good morning District staff and families,

We’re pleased to announce the district has started the process of restoring bus routes back to full service due to an increase of trained drivers starting Monday, November 1st. Though the majority of bus routes will continue using the rotating schedule of one week on and one week off, this is a small step towards all routes returning to full service.

The district is prioritizing restoring routes to full service by addressing the most pressing attendance and transportation needs first, while still providing consistent and reliable service.

When the district makes the decision to restore a route to full service, deciding factors include identifying routes with students at the highest risk for missing school and routes that can be added without negatively impacting the consistency and reliability of existing routes.

The district will continue to gradually restore routes as more drivers are trained, while still maintaining reliable service. Families will be notified when their routes are restored to full service.

Thank you to staff, families and our community for your continued patience and understanding. Please visit the Bus Route Suspension page for current route schedules.

All the best,

Karen Melin

Acting Superintendent