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Principal & Assistant Principal Appreciation

From Superintendent Gaborik:
Thank you for your amazing work this school year!  It’s an energizing time as we race toward the end of the semester and celebrate numerous accomplishments with students and our school communities.
It is well-established that leadership is second only to instruction in school-based factors that affect student achievement.  An effective school leader is critical for the successful implementation of any initiative, whether it generates from within the school community, from the school board, or anywhere in between. 
Thank you for being a positive presence in your schools and a leader in your community.  Thank you for your very thoughtful, intentional, sometimes challenging, and always rewarding work with students, staff and parents.  Thank you for being champions of equity and successful learning for ALL students.  And thank you for being such positive, engaged members of our districtwide leadership team.
I appreciate what you do every day, and I know the difference it makes for kids and families in Fairbanks.