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Student Vehicle Registration for Parking at West Valley

Students planning on driving to school and parking in the Student Parking Lot will need to complete the attached Vehicle Registration form for each vehicle they plan to drive during the school year.

• The driver will need to have their parent/guardian's signature on the completed vehicle registration form.

• Once the Vehicle Registration is completed the student will need to turn it in at the office and at that time, will receive a window tag permitting parking on campus.

• We strongly encourage student drivers to download this required form over the summer, complete it and bring it to the office PRIOR to school beginning so they are not stopped in the parking lot on the first day of school.

• All student vehicles must be registered by September 1, 2017 or students will be asked to ride the school bus or park off campus.
Safety assistants will be in the student parking lot starting with the first day of school if there are questions regarding the parking permit process.

• All student drivers, including part time, homeschool and BEST students must have their vehicles registered - no exceptions to this policy.


Student Vehicle Registration Form