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FNSBSD Return to In-Person Schooling on January 19, 2021 | December 15, 2020

On Monday, December 14 the School Board approved the return to in-person school for students whose families want that option. 


Motion:  Move to begin an accelerated return to school plan beginning on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 through Monday February 1, 2021 for families and students who want to return in-person, maintaining the options for remote learning, eLearning, and BEST Homeschool, and acknowledging schools will meet Smart Start and CDC guidelines to the best of their abilities.


The decision identified the following actions:  Schools will start on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 in the same manner as the first semester ended:  Only students who attended school during 2nd quarter will have access to schools for the first two weeks of the spring semester.


Beginning Tuesday, January 19, schools will begin to open over a two-week period through Monday February 1, 2021 for students who want to return in-person.  Elementary schools will open first, followed by middle schools and then high schools.  Specific dates will be announced soon.


The following is the intent of the motion, agreed upon by board members at Monday’s meeting:  

  1. In addition to the in-person option,  the remote learning, eLearning, and BEST Homeschool options will continue to be available.
  2. Schools will maintain their current start and end times and 2-tiered bus schedule.
  3. High schools will continue to hold three classes on the quarter system.
  4. The re-opening will begin on January 19 with elementary schools, followed by middle schools, and ending with high schools over the two-week period from January 19 to February 1.
  5. High schools will attempt to adhere to social distancing and cohorting guidelines.
  6. Masks will be required of all staff and students.
  7. Students who return to school will be with their primary teachers.
  8. Social distancing will occur at all grade levels to the degree possible.
  9. Pod/cohort sizes will be the equivalent of class sizes.


Schools are wrapping up the first semester this week and working on implementation plans for the second semester.  Superintendent Gaborik will send out a newsletter and hold a Facebook Live with more information later this week.