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Dress Code Policy

Tanana requires that I dress appropriately for school. Since this is an educational institution, the daily clothing/attire and appearance should be conducive toward an educational environment and should not be distracting or disruptive of school operations and educational process. These guidelines also are in affect at any school-sponsored activity. Specifically:

  • My pants must be worn at the waist even if I am wearing a long shirt and my shirt covers the waistline. My underwear/shorts will not be visible. I must wear a belt if my pants keep falling below my waist. NO SAGGING. 
  • Both my socks, pant legs and my sleeves on my shirt must either be worn rolled up or down.
  • I must either wear socks on both legs or choose not to wear socks.
  • I will not be permitted to wear chains/wallet chains attached to my pants.
  • I am not allowed to use safety pins as a form of accessorizing, decorating or holding my clothing together.
  • My clothing will cover my front and my back (bare midriff, spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops, short tops, low necklines) or anything deemed revealing is unacceptable at school or at any school-sponsored activity. My cleavage must be covered completely. My underwear should not be visible, even when I lean over or sit down. My top must overlap or be tucked completely into my pants, shorts or skirts to avoid any bare midriff. MY SKIN AROUND MY MID-SECTION WILL NOT BE EXPOSED.
  • My skirt, dress or shorts may not be shorter than mid-thigh if I am standing, sitting, or bending over. My skirt or shorts must be worn at my waist.
  • My purse must be smaller than my backpack.
  • I will wear street shoes. House slippers are not permitted.
  • I will not wear any types of gloves or mittens during school hours.
  • *Wearing of flip-flops will be allowed until the first accumulation of snow. I may not wear my flip -flops again until the snow has disappeared. This will avoid my exposure to the bitter cold and potential frostbite. Proper footwear during the colder months is a health and safety concern on the snow and ice.
  • My pajamas or deemed to be pajamas or loungewear are not appropriate for school and are not allowed.
  • I will not wear headgear, such as, but not limited to caps, hats, scarves, do-rags, nightcaps or sweatbands during the school day or at any school sponsored activity.
  • My headgear may not be worn or visible from the time I enter school until I leave school. My outside hat may be put on in the entryway of the school upon departure.
  • Pointed studs will not be worn as jewelry or as an accessory on my hat.
  • Sweatbands will not be worn around my neck, head or on my wrist.
  • My clothing must not promote the illegal or commercial use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco/nicotine products or imply sexual innuendo (i.e. Big Johnson shirts).
  • My style of clothing (jackets, shirts, hats, lettering, make-up, hair, jewelry, etc.) must not symbolize affiliation with negative youth groups, such as gangs or cults.
  • I will not wear bandannas of any color on school grounds or at any after school activity (this includes as hair accessories or articles of clothing that resembles a bandanna such as tops or dresses).
  • I will not wear outdoor coats or outdoor jackets. I will dress warmly with a sweater or sweatshirt in case the rooms are cool. I will borrow a sweater or sweatshirt from the office to wear to keep warm if I do not have one.