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Military Families Relocating Out of Alaska

Are you moving this school year?


It is very important to let your child's teacher and counseling secretary know when your child's last day at school will be.


High School Grades


No final examinations will be administered prior to the final examination schedules implemented by the Superintendent. A student who must leave school early because of family relocation will be assisted in the completion of the semester. Students who must withdraw before the end of the semester are required to have their parent/guardian contact the school for a parent/guardian conference and/or furnish military orders showing the necessity for the withdrawal. 




Prior to the Last Twenty (20) Days of the Grading Term or Semester: *Before April 22, 2019

At the time of withdrawal, grades to date will be given and the student must report to the receiving school for completion of the grading term and to receive credit from the new school, if applicable. No final evaluations will be administered early.


Between the Last Twenty and Eleven Days of the Grading Term or Semester: *April 22-May 3, 2019

At the time of withdrawal, grades to date will be given and enrollment in the new school is recommended. If reenrollment is not possible, arrangements will be made for the student to take final evaluations where applicable, with the new school district or appropriate public agency.


During the Last Ten Days of the Grading Term or Semester: *May 6-17, 2019

Grades earned to date will be given as final grades and credit will be granted, where applicable.

Withdrawal for any reason other than family relocation will result in a grade of INC (incomplete) being given for all classes. If a student withdraws and does not relocate, but returns to a school in the district, the student will be required to make up any final evaluations missed and a grade change may occur.


School Board Administrative Regulation 974.1

* Date applies if we do not have to make up days for bad weather