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Pick up and Drop off Procedures

Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Children
Ticasuk Brown Elementary School would like to share our drop off and pick up procedures with you. The safety of all our students is of great importance and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and support in following our procedures.
Below you will find a list of our school procedures:

• The speed limit is 3 miles per hour on school property. Please observe this limit for the safety of our students.
• Please remain in your vehicle at all times when coming through the drop-off and pick-up lane.
• Please follow the directions of the crossing guards.
The staff members who volunteer as crossing guards are doing their best to make sure our start-up and dismissal times are safe for all students.
• Stay in one lane and pull forward as far as you safely can before stopping to drop off your children along the curb. This will minimize traffic congestion and keep the flow of traffic moving.
• If you need to leave your vehicle, please park in the parking lot across from the drop-off and pick-up lane. We have two crossing guards who will assist children safely at two designated crosswalks.

• There are two designated crosswalks that will be marked with orange posts. Please teach and model safe crossing to your children at the crosswalks.
Again, we appreciate your support and cooperation during these high traffic times. We all have the same goal: To keep your children safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop in and speak with me. Thank you!

Beverly Kokrine, Principal 

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