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Start of the Second Semester | January 3, 2022

A message from Chief School Administrator Karen Melin:
Welcome to a new calendar year and the second semester of the 2021-2022 school term.
2021 left with a flurry of activity, literally. Through the extreme weather event we had, our district Facilities and Maintenance Department (FMD) exhibited an outstanding display of what makes our school district great. They showed up to work when the weather was at its worst and worked around the clock, seven days a week all to get ready to welcome students back to our buildings. While they were working feverishly, the district partnered with snow removal contractors in our community to make sure teachers and staff could start the second semester on time. I cannot adequately convey my appreciation to the FMD staff and leadership for the work they have done over the past ten days. Thank you.
Because of their hard work and persistence we are able to start the second semester January 4th.  Even with all of the hard work that went into the snow removal there is still plenty of work to be done. I know the remaining snow to be removed may an inconvenience for many students and families and I am asking you to extend a measure of patience and understanding as we work to deal with the fall out of this significant snow event. 
The buses will be running and the bus route suspension schedule has been updated. We have all experienced the roads around the Borough and know they are a true challenge, so there may be delays. Again, I am asking for grace and space for the drivers who will be out on the roads. 
During this entire clean up process I have been reminded of what a great community we live in. Neighbors helping each other dig out, supporting folks who were without electricity, and finding ways to survive and thrive the the beauty of interior Alaska. It has been a great time for our children to experience what it means to pull together in difficult situations and find ways to overcome and to carry on.