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Salcha School Loves Science!

Science is at the center of our teaching, as we believe that children should have an opportunity to explore, wonder, and find out through learning.  We study the Pile Driver Slough as a school and we show up for science fairs!  This year, we can honestly say that one hundred percent of Salcha students had their hands in the science fair.  We had twenty-nine projects out of seventy-three kids.  Our K-3 students did class projects and our fourth through sixth graders had individual projects.  We are so proud of the hard work of this year's students.

We are also grateful to our community for supporting our work. Eielson Air Force Base sent four Airmen to help us judge.  Airmen Travis Pease, Jordan Rusk, Gabriel Castaneda, and Justin Day spent the morning carefully listening to the students present.  Over thirty percent of our students are connected to the military and fifty percent of our teaching staff has connections either past or present, to the military.  Being able to be connected with the armed services is something Salcha takes pride in.

Our Salcha Fire and Rescue (SFR) always come through for us.  This year we had four judges that are either now or in the past affiliated with SFR.  Finally, we had two beloved retired teachers, Ed Keep-Barnes, and Amy Viltrakis.  Ed always amazes us with his humor and kindness towards children.  Amy is simply the best volunteer because she is and always will be a worker bee, plus she was the head judge at the fair, helping to make those hard decisions on which projects to recommend for the Interior Alaska Science Fair.  We had a very successful Interior Alaska Science Fair with nine first place, three second place, and a Special Award from the Hospital Foundation. That, with our 100% school science fair participation just goes to show that Salcha is a good place to grow scientists!