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How to Fill Out a Web Help Desk Ticket to Have it Processed More Quickly


Include an Asset Number

If the system will not let you add it in the asset number screen, add it in the notes. This helps to quickly identify what piece of equipment has failed.


Ensure You are Selecting the Right Request Type

Sometimes issues seem to fit better under one category, but need to be placed under another. If you are not sure which category seems to fit ask your Admin Secretary, the NCS Help Desk, or FMD.


Describe the Issue in Detail

When it comes to information, the more the better.  Describe what the problem is, when it is happening and for how long. Pictures or videos are also helpful.


Avoid Prescribing Repairs

There are many ways something can fail and give the same kind of symptoms. Even if you have seen the issue before and know the standard repair it may be another issue that is the source of the problem.


Avoid Unnecessarily Alarming Terms

Avoid using Emergency, Urgent, Life Safety, or other such wordage in the request to allow for proper prioritization. If the need seems urgent, call FMD to speak to the supervisor in charge of that area to inform them of the situation. This is the best way to expedite a ticket. However, please reserve this for true emergencies, major system failures, multiple areas that are affected, or a situation that poses a true danger to students or staff.


Prepare for Scheduling Access

If there is a need to schedule access to complete the repairs, please place such information in the request.


For more information, please refer to the Service Information Sheet or contact FMD.