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School Closure Update - March 23, 2020

Hello District Families,

Friday evening, Governor Dunleavy issued Mandate 8.1 that indicated, “Public and private schools are closed to students through May 1, 2020. Students will receive instruction through distance delivery methods. All after school activities will be suspended during this time.”

We are still in the original two week non-student contact day period through March 27.   Our goal is to continue providing engagement activities for students this week. We will ask teachers to continue their long-term planning for what remote learning will look like for our very diverse students and families through May 1, and potentially the end of the school year.

We know that our seniors and all our high school students function in a very different paradigm than our middle and elementary school students.  We are working on options for seniors to successfully finish their year. We have also heard loud and clear that the educational expectations of families and students from schools need to be reasonable.  

By the end of this week we will start to roll out a full range of options for students that include high and low tech engagement and instructional opportunities at every grade level.  

We know that many students need additional instructional and social-emotional supports.  We will continue to share district and community services that are available to families.

If you have suggestions or concerns regarding your child’s learning, now and long-term, please use the Let’s Talk button on your school website to communicate directly with your principal.  S/he will help find solutions with school staff and communicate the larger issues with the district Teaching and Learning department.

Watch for updates from me, and also from your principal and teachers, regarding next steps.

I hope you find ways to enjoy some family fun during this difficult time. I’m hearing lots of creative examples of families carving out quality time together to help their children enjoy an extended break.

Stay Healthy,

Superintendent Dr. Karen Gaborik