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Strawberry King Busy (July 3, 1943)

"Strawberries are early this year -- earlier here than ever before," said Harry Badger, who on his farm, several miles from town has three acres in vines and who yesterday marketed three crates, first of the season.


"The berries now ripening are small due to the protracted spell of dry weather during the growing period and the crop will be light unless rain falls soon.


"Berry prices, as might be surmised, are higher.


"In a day, four or five crates, every one containing 24 boxes, can be harvested by a good picker, and at the wage of 7 cents a box daily earning range between $6.72 to $8.40.


"Last year, berries sold for $1.25 for three boxes; this year they're 50 cents a box.


"Of the strawberry, Dr. William Boteler, famed English physician, is quoted by Roger Williams as having said:


"'God could have made, but God never did make, a better berry.'


"The Boteler saying is given by Isaak Walton in his Complete Angler.


"'Doubtless, God could have made a better berry, but doubtless He ever did.'"


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