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Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Through meetings with First Student Bus Company and our maintenance department we have developed a solution for separating bus traffic from parent drop off/pick up traffic.

All buses, big & small, will be dropping off students in the front of the building in the bus lane and in the lane that leads to staff parking. They will be picking up all students there also.  Staff will be closing off those two access points starting at 8:10 each morning to prevent private vehicle obstruction of buses and to prevent students from walking through bus traffic where it is difficult for bus drivers to see little bodies walking past.  Families will be asked to proceed to the Parent drop off/pick up at the back of the building.  The access door in that area will open temporarily at 8:05 a.m.

Parent drop off/pick up: Please drive down Margaret Ave. past the school to our back parking lot. It is a one way lot. Loop around the lot to the curbside for drop off and pick up. There is room for parking if you prefer to escort your student(s) to the crosswalk. Please do not send your child through the parking lot unattended. A staff member will be available to escort students safely through the crosswalk.

Our goal is to provide a safe & quick way for parents to drop off or pick up students that is traffic jam free.