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Mission & Philosophy

Ryan Middle School is a showcase of diversity with a highly dedicated staff that puts students first. Our goal is to provide a rich educational experience for all of our students. We believe that our diversity makes us stronger. Ryan is located in the heart of Fairbanks and is the most culturally diverse middle school in the area. We celebrate our student success throughout the year. At the end of each semester we host a Fine Arts Friday where students' artwork, dance and musical ability is showcased. Student artists also have their work showcased in the state capital building, at the mayor’s office and in the lobby of our business partners’ buildings. Music students perform at community events as well as for the residents of the Denali Center. Honor and Merit students are recognized and celebrated at the “Getting Your Just Desserts” in April during an evening gala where staff serves Honor and Merit roll students and their families coffee, tea, and desserts. Our students not only excel in the arts and classroom they also excel in athletics. We are proud to sponsor Math Counts and Lego Robotics teams, as well as a 21st Century Learning Center.


Research indicates that when strong middle school concepts are in place, students achieve more readily, not only academically, but also emotionally and socially. Students are assigned to an advisory teacher who remains their mentor for two years. Students also participate in peer mentor training and assist in Junior Student to Student (JS2S) mentoring. At the beginning of the year mentors from the previous years come in to provide incoming 7th graders a Jump Start to Middle School day of activities. The Ryan Mentors and JS2S students are the student leaders and are available when new students enroll. Students also participate in bullying prevention training, Teens Against Tobacco Training, SOS, a student-led suicide prevention program and Student Council.


At Ryan we view the diverse needs and backgrounds of our students as an asset, and we strive on a daily basis to respond to the concerns and ideas of students, parents, and the Ryan community as a whole. We host a RYAN Café, ‘Cultivating Awareness for Everyone’, a yearly celebration that showcases performers and brings different community agencies and partners together to celebrate the rich culture of our community. Ryan Middle School is the best-kept secret in Fairbanks.


Fairbanks has a continental climate, with short, warm summers and long, very cold, winters. Total annual rain and snow in the Interior of Alaska generally increases with elevation. Mean annual precipitation over most of the region ranges from 250 mm to 550 mm, with contribution from snowfall averaging from 125 cm to 205 cm. Most precipitation occurs during summer. Snow covers the landscape for half the year, lingering at higher altitudes, on north-facing slopes, and on shaded aspects. Average minimum winter temperatures vary from -18 deg. C in the west, to -35 deg. C in the east; average maximum winter temperatures vary from -11 deg. C in the west to -22 deg. C in the east.