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  • Hello Puffins!

    I've seen quite a few of you out and about around town and I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I see my students and their families!

    Given the unusual way our school year ended, I'm not too disappointed with the tally of 163 student library books still overdue. A few families have already let me know they've found their missing books, but if you haven't found yours yet, keep looking! I'll be back in the library working on August 5th, and you can bring them to me then (Please call first and wear a mask!). If you are a sixth grader who won't be back, you can always turn lost books into your middle school librarian, and they will send them on to me or, again, someone can drop them off in the library after August 5th.

    If you're lacking something to read this summer, the Noel Wien is open in a limited capacity. Check out their website (https://fnsblibrary.org/)to see what the restrictions are. I have been enjoying listening to audio books through their Sora app, which also gives you access to the school district's audio and ebooks.

    There is a Little Free Library at the Ken Kunkel Community Center, but if you do choose to take a book from there, please keep in mind the CDC's recommendations that soft paper can carry the virus for 24 hours, and hard covers for up to 72 hours. The best policy would be to allow the book to sit for three days before reading it. The front door of the cache blew off in a windstorm, but the books seem to be staying dry, and I am checking periodically and adding more as needed.

    I have been reading a lot, writing not nearly as much as I'd like, and doing lots of yardwork and home organization projects. What have you all been up to?

    If you have questions or concerns, or simply wish to reach out and say hello, please email me at kristen.zayon@k12northstar.org


    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. Zayon

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  •  Mrs. Zayon - summer 2020


    Kristen Zayon
    Library Media Associate
    (907) 479-4234 x41540

    I do not check my voicemail during the summer, so email is the best way to reach me.

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