•         Hello, I’m Carol Smallwood, your University Park Elementary Library Media Associate. I’ve been at U-Park now for approximately 10 years, and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year here, as your Media Mentor in the library! University Park Library has a great mix of books and technology to share with you. We have over 20,000 items to share with staff, students and families here, with levels of reading from the earliest first reader, to advanced readers ready for more challenging books. We have a new audiobook section, a magazine section, and soon will have iPads that students can check out while they are visiting the library, as well as access to an extensive ebook collection, which is free to district users, anywhere they have access to the Internet.

    I'm looking forward to helping you all this year with finding all the greatest books and with using the latest technology.

    "Reading is the original virtual reality." -

    quote by Carol Smallwood @2016

    University Park Elementary Library Media Associate




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