• Welcome to a new year of West Valley Activities! There is a renewed energy and spirit that comes along with the beginning of each season. This year at West Valley, the Athletic Department is looking to establish tremendous momentum that will catapult our programs into a very successful 2017-2018. In my 11th year at West Valley, I can promise that our coaches and staff will continue to work hard to create an environment that creates excellence and expects the best. Our focus is on what we can accomplish together and how each member of our department can fulfill their role. By doing so, we feel that group achievement will be a byproduct of our total team effort. We look forward to what this year has in store for the Wolfpack.

    We will continue to encourage our student athletes to compete with passion and to do it with class and dignity. We believe that Success can be defined in many ways and having programs that prepare, execute, and completely exhaust themselves in competition is part of the Wolfpack tradition. Our goal is that all involved in Wolfpack activities this year is to come together as a unit/family, put the best effort forward each day, and be proud of our school/teams.

    On behalf of our coaches, athletic boosters, parent volunteers, students, and alumni, we welcome you to West Valley and thank you for your support. Through our combined efforts, we will continue to generate the continued resources necessary for consistent success within our programs. I encourage those young and old to learn more about West Valley and to become part of the Wolfpack family as a student, parent, supporter, or fan.

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Last Modified on May 21, 2019