Nordic Skiing

  • Watershed Ski Club



    Ski Club is open to skiers in all grades. Before being admitted to the club, students and parents must submit the following:

    • Ski Club Permission Form
    • Activity Consent and Medical Information Form (included with permission form)
    • Ski Club fee (checks payable to The Watershed School)
      • $50 (bus riders)
      • $35 (parent provides transportation)

    If a student is in kindergarten or first grade, a parent or guardian must be present at all practices and ski with their child unless permission is given by the coach for the child to ski without a chaperone. Younger students are allowed to ride the bus, but a parent or guardian must still ski with their child.


    Practices will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:15 pm. We will meet at the UAF ski hut on Mondays. We will meet in the team room at Birch Hill (downstairs in the big red building) on Wednesdays.


    The Watershed School PTSA has generously donated money to help offset the cost of busing, provided by AirLink Shuttle and Tours, from Watershed to Birch Hill or UAF.


    All ski races are held on weekends and are voluntary. Ski Club members are strongly encouraged to participate in the Town Race Series (dates below) and other races such as the Turkey Day Relays. More information about races, including registration forms will be sent home as soon as they are made available from the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks.

    Town Race Series Schedule

    • Saturday, November 17 – mass start, free technique (skating)
    • Saturday, December 1 – sprint, classic technique
    • Saturday, January 12 – mass start, classic technique
    • Saturday, January 26 – ski cross, free technique

    Cold Weather Cancellation

    The decision to hold or cancel ski club will be made at 1:00pm and will be based on the temperature and wind conditions (-5oF w/windchill or colder)at the ski location for that day. The Watershed School’s website has links posted to the Birch Hill and UAF weather stations. 

    Other Requirements

    • Skiers in the advanced groups should have both CLASSIC and SKATE skis. Coaches will tell students in advance what type of skis to bring to practice.
    • Parents need to promptly pick up skiers at 5:15. Failure to pick up runners on time may result in loss of Ski Club privileges.
    • Students or their parents must check out with a coach before leaving practices.
    • Athletes must be dressed warm and fully equipped with ski equipment. The Watershed School does not have ski equipment for student use. We also do not have enough staff and volunteers to supervise students who are not prepared.
    • Athletes must be respectful of other participants, parent volunteers, and coaches. Athletes who cannot behave appropriately will be removed from Ski Club.

    Sample Gear Checklist for Ski Club Days

    ski boots




    ski/snow pants


    ski poles

    mittens/warm gloves

    base layer – top and bottom

    wool socks

    extra snack and water (to fuel up beforehand)

Last Modified on November 6, 2018