Our Foundation

    • The teachers must create a nurturing supportive caring environment that gives the child a variety of opportunities to grow and flourish;
    • Parents and teachers are significant and influential in the child's life and an important partner in the child's learning;
    • Teachers cannot teach the child directly, but through an unending respect for, and faith in them;
    • Children learn to work and be together in a peaceful caring environment where everyday kindness and courtesy are shown;
    • By coming to understand and accept that they have responsibility to help other children develop a clear sense of values and social conscience;
    • The child's mind should be opened to the great intellectual efforts and satisfaction from doing hard work;
    • The child needs to work with the hands as well as the mind therefore every mental effort should be accompanied by corresponding physical movement;
    • Children are consciously connected to the local, national, and global communities and by offering services to other children, they explore, understand and begin to grow into full and active membership in the adult world;
    • Children should experience individualized instruction, small group learning and developmentally appropriate practice.
Last Modified on July 21, 2015