• Dear 7-10 Grade Students and Parents:

    We are about to begin a month of testing. The MAP testing will be March 30, April 3,5, and 6 or 7. PEAK testing will be April 18, 19, and 20th. The data we receive from these tests is very important and we need every student to do their best. We will provide breakfast for the students; and we need them to arrive on time every day, well rested, and committed to completing their tests accurately.

    One mandatory part of testing is that the only electronics in the testing area are the testing computers. For this reason, we cannot allow students to have their cell phones, nooks, or Ipads in the room while it is considered a testing environment. Students have 2 choices; they may leave their electronics at home on these days, or they may place them in the receptacle we provide for storage during this time. If any electronics are found to be in the room, testing will be invalidated. Parents, please use our office phone (907) 490-9025 for any communications with your child.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email, by phone (907) 490-9025 x22510 or come by the school. Thank you in advance for supporting our needs to assess our proficiency at providing the best education possible for your child.

    Diana Childs

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