• Middle School

    The Star of the North Middle School is a self-contained learning environment staffed by two highly qualified teachers who have deep knowledge and compassion for early adolescence. Classes are arranged through thematic learning units, utilizing FNSBSD curriculum.

    The middle school program creates small learning communities of young people in grades 7 and 8 that emphasize positive learning experiences without the distractions found in conventional middle schools. We work as much on character and community building as we do on academics. There are no passing periods, no lockers and no time independent of adult mentors. There is room for approximately 40 students in this program.

    The Middle School stresses:
    • rigorous instruction and intervention in reading, writing and mathematics.
    • integrated learning experiences designed by highly qualified teachers.
    • emphasis on focused “time on task.”
    • proficiency on state mandated assessments.
    • flexible scheduling and self direction.
    • time management.
    • choice within the academic area.
    • leadership training.
    • community building within the learning environment.
    • community involvement through regular field trips, often involving service projects.

    We are currently and will be accepting applications continuously throughout the year.  See our Application Process page on the left for more information.

Last Modified on August 26, 2020