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    The Mail Center provides inter-school and inter-department mail distribution services and processes letters and packages for distribution by the US Postal Service.

    Your mail is important to us and we endeavor to get it delivered in the shortest time possible.

    You will find information on this page that will help you prepare your school mail and federal mail in order to avoid delays.

    If you have questions about inter-school mail, US Postal Service or other delivery services, please don't hesitate to contact the folks at Shipping and Receiving.

    For definitive Postal information, click the link below. For more information on how we do things around here, click on the attached files.

    US Postal Service

    District Mail Route List
    There are four district mail routes. This list shows which schools are on each route, the order of schools on the routes, and when that route leaves the warehouse each morning.

    Mail Center Guidelines - currently being updated.

    Check Your Mail Tub

    Please empty the mail tub when it arrives.

    Prior Planning for Success

    At the Mail Center it has become clear that March and May have consistently been peak months for mailing. There is a perfect storm of parent notifications, report cards, event notifications, permission requests and other similar large mailings.

    There are also two consistent situations that occur during this time:

    • Schools and other work sites that prepare their own mailings (fold, insert and address) tend to do so fairly close to the time when the mail should be getting to the Postal Service to get delivered in a timely manner, and
    • all this mail tends to reach the Mail Center from all schools and work sites at the same time.

    We only have one mailing machine so, therefore, only one person can process all this mail. The machine can process 300 pieces of mail per minute. In order to reach this level of production the mail must be able to pass through the machine without incident. Mail that has been hastily folded and inserted can easily slow us down from 300/min to 4/min and can turn a two hour job into a two day job.

    If you have a large mailing (200 or more pieces) that does not qualify for “bulk mail” you should prepare it as soon as you can.

    • Be sure that the contents fit entirely within the envelope
    • If you send over a copier paper box or two full of mail, the assumption is that every envelope has the exact same contents. If this is not the case you need to either
      • Indicate so on the box or
      • Keep the mail with the extra stuff separate
    • Documents should be thoroughly folded (not just doubled over). “Fat” envelopes require extra postage.
    • If the envelopes are “fat” with too many documents (generally more than 10 sheets), you should use the 6”x9” envelope (Sales Order Item #310-24-51-7113, 6”x9” FIRST CLASS ENVELOPE, 500/BOX)
    • Every envelope needs a recipient address and a return address.

    Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your mail properly and check for errors. Mail that can pass through the machine at top speed will be processed first and will take precedence over mail that must be run at a lower speed.


    USPS Mail and Package Supplies at the Mail Center




    We also keep a small supply that's available though the Mail Center of USPS Priority Mail Express envelopes and packages (flat rate to Priority Mail Express 2-day), a variety of USPS forms (certified mail receipts, shipping labels, return receipt forms, etc.), and we can order from USPS supplies you need or want to keep at your location. Takes between 1-3 weeks for delivery of supplies from USPS to us.





Last Modified on May 11, 2021