About the Library



    Welcome to our Husky Library!


    • Our library is home to a variety of books to make all students feel included and welcome!
    • The NPE Library is open for classes. Extra STEAM library times are available for teachers to take students and engage in STEAM activities. This year we are also doing novel studies.
    • Online browsing of the Library Collection using Destiny Discover is always available. Students can put books on hold, and have them delivered to their classroom.
    • Hands-on browsing is available during classroom library time and open library hours. 
    • If you are an e-Learner . . .  you can browse the Library Collection using Destiny Discover, put books on hold, and they will be waiting in the front entryway of the school for pick-up.
    • Mrs. Donald’s typical library special consists of discussions, reading, and a comprehension or hands-on learning component.  
    • Library books are checked out for 1 week at a time. If a student isn’t finished, just let me know if you’d like to RENEW your book. I WANT students to finish the books they love, so they won’t be tied down by a due date. There is always a way to work it out!
    • A student's adult is always welcome to accompany their student to their classroom library time to work with their children on choosing good-fit-books.
    • A student's adult is also welcome to help their children search for overdue or lost books. Places to check are:
      • on home shelves
      • in car
      • at daycare or other homes that children spend time at after school
      • under and beside beds
      • in sibling rooms
      • in backpacks
      • in the classroom cubbies
      • in classroom libraries
      • even on the library shelves - sometimes classroom library helpers don't get the books to the book return bin and the books end up on the shelving cart and then back onto the shelves.


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Last Modified on October 28, 2022