• West Valley is a school of approximately 1,000 students, 60 certified teachers, and 40 classified support staff. 

    Mission Statement 

    West Valley High School's mission is to provide an excellent, equitable education in a safe, supportive environment so all students will succeed and contribute to a diverse and changing society.

    • Given opportunity and support, all students can learn.
    • Through perseverance and hard work, students can succeed.
    • Persistent and appropriate intervention is necessary to improve student learning.
    • A safe, healthy, and comforting school environment promotes student learning.
    • All members of the West Valley school community are responsible for student learning.
    • A strong sense of school community is essential for our school’s success.
    • Students learn best when challenged; higher order thinking skills (analysis, evaluation, synthesis) and rigorous study should be at the core of student learning.
    • Staff should be held accountable for student learning with measurable results.
    • Accepting change is necessary for educational growth and improvement.

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