eLearning in the 2023-2024 School Year

  • FNSBSD is excited to offer full-time eLearning for students in grades 6 - 12 for the 2023-2024 school year.  With the eLearning program, your students will stay enrolled in their home school and take vendor-provided classes offered through Acellus (middle school) or APEX (high school).

    The FNSBSD eLearning program will:

    • Provide a consistent and reliable plan for students and families
    • Offer courses aligned to district curriculum
    • Ensure high school courses meet NCAA and graduation requirements
    • Provide resources to support parents as learning coaches for their students

    The eLearning program is still connected to a student’s neighborhood/choice school. Parents and students will continue to:

    •  Receive school communications
    •  Have opportunities to participate in activities, clubs, and athletics
    •  Access academic planning and graduation support




    For the 2023-2024 school year, eLearning will provide secondary students with an option to learn at the best time for their family.  eLearning students may check out district devices, but will need consistent access to the internet.

Contact Information

Secondary (6-12) eLearning

  • At the secondary level, eLearning is vendor-led instruction mixed with family-supported and independent at-home application and learning. Students will have 24/7 access to asynchronous material. They will engage in learning each school day and will work toward mastery of all standards for their grade level.  While students learn at their own pace, due dates and deadlines are provided to help students stay on track.   Most of the curriculum is vendor-provided by Apex Learning.  High school eLearning students MUST test at their attendance school with the eLearning lab tutor.

    At the middle school level, students will be able to take their core classes: English, math, science, and social studies, as well as PE and health.  The curriculum is vendor-provided by Acellus.  Students may take up to two elective classes at their home school with permission from the principal as space is available.  Please contact us for more information on middle school eLearning. 

    At the high school level, students should contact their school counselor for available classes.  High school students may take a single course, up to their entire course load on eLearning.