CAP Information

  • The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District is using a system known as the CAP (Centralized Application Portal) to collect, verify, and process applications to attend:

    • Traditional schools other than a student's attendance area school;
    • Barnette Magnet School;
    • Boreal Sun Charter School;
    • Chinook Charter School;
    • Discovery Peak Charter School;
    • Hutchison High School;
    • Grades 6, 7 & 8 at the K-8 Options school (LADD); 
    • K-5 eLearning Options; and,
    • Select special programs, such as the Ready Raven summer preschool program.

    Parents/ guardians can create an online account at any time by visiting the district's centralized application portal (CAP). Applications must be completed by a parent or guardian with custodial authority to make educational decisions for the student. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing a correct and complete application. Parents/guardians can submit, edit or delete applications any time during the application window through their online CAP account.

    Create or log in to your parent/guardian account at to view applications and their current status, opening and closing dates, etc. Upcoming lotteries and other applications will be posted prior to the start of their application window.

    Only one application per student will be honored for any particular lottery. If more than one application is submitted to a single lottery for the same student, only the first submission will be retained. Subsequent applications will be disqualified without prior notification, regardless of whether they are discovered before, during, or after the lottery process. 

    The lottery system has four basic stages:

    • Application window: the time frame for submitting applications
    • Application process/run: Generating the ordered list from all the approved applications submitted during the application window.
    • Waitlist notification: Parents/guardians are informed of the outcome for their student.
    • Post-Lottery waitlisting: Most spring semester enrollment applications "re-open" after waitlist notification until Quarter 2 of the next school year to allow for additions to the waitlists. 


    Out of Attendance Area (OAA) Enrollment

    When parents/guardians would like their student(s) to attend a traditional school other than their district-identified "home" or "area" school, they may apply through an Out of Attendance Area lottery. 

    For additional information about Out of Attendance Area lotteries, please visit OAA


Contact Information

  • Student Information Systems
    Administrative Center
    3rd Floor, Suite E
    (907) 452-2000 x11212

Last Modified on January 31, 2024