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    **Part-Time Enrollment 2020-2021**

    Schools will have smaller class capacities with social distancing requirements this year (2020-2021). Due to these constraints, schools won’t be able to provide enrollment information as early as they have in the past, and possibly not until after the first day of school. Priority access for part-time enrollment will be given to FNSBSD BEST students first and then schools will evaluate for students who attend other homeschool programs.


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    Hutchison's Mission Statement:

    James T. Hutchison High School, an integrated learning environment within a culturally diverse community, where academic and career-technical experiences facilitate success in continued education, skilled employment, civic responsibility, and personal integrity.


    Core Values:

    - A secure and positive environment

    - Honesty, integrity and respect

    - Recognizing and seizing productive opportunities

    - Developing employability skills such as reliability, creativity, productivity, and self-determination

    - Active and responsible students, families and community

    - Regular attendance, a support network, adequate rest, proper nutrition, and an abuse-free lifestyle

    James T. Hutchison High School is:

    - A school of choice for a student interested in a high-quality technical career that will lead to employment, postsecondary technical/trade school training, apprenticeships, or college.

    - A school that actively works with business, industry, university systems (UAF/CTC), and parents/guardians to form partnerships that promote academic and career development.

    - A school that has an exceptional career and technical student organizations designed to develop leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and specific employment skills for students.  (i.e, Skills USA, HOSA, Academic Decathlon)

Contact Information

Rhonda Driscoll 10th & 12th Grade Counselor (907) 479-2261
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