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    This free public school is for Native and non-Native students in grades 7-12 who are looking for a small school focusing on rigorous academics, an early start to college, individual and contemporary knowledge. While the school is grounded in Alaska Native cultural beliefs and values, we focus on all students, no matter what their cultural background, helping them learn and value their own culture. All students are welcome to apply.

    We believe the curriculum and teaching methods will be attractive to all young people wishing to experience a different way of learning. The small school size (150-200) and small classes will appeal to students who find it difficult to cope with our larger secondary schools.

    Classes include both traditional and contemporary knowledge. A science lesson on weather might include how our ancestors were able to forecast weather, as well as how modern technology works.

    Lessons in the middle school are organized into six-week themes such as family, energy & ecology, outdoor survival, and applied technology. The high school is organized into quarters and incorporates the same themes into instruction. Students will be doing lots of hands-on projects and working with elders, parents, and community members on real-life activities. Students will take leadership roles in community activities, such as Indian-Eskimo Olympics and native conferences. We want to make sure our young people understand the political and historical issues that impact us today.

    Instruction will be rigorous and students will be required to take state and local tests, including the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam and college placement exams. Students will be prepared for college and take college classes while still in high school.

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