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    Did you know that BEST has an in-house tutor, 9-11 am, and 12 -3 pm, available M-F? Our tutor, Ms. Seiser is the one to call if your student is struggling with a class assignment. You can schedule either an in-person or virtual tutor session with Ms. Seiser https://calendly.com/fairbanks_best_tutor/30min by phone at 452-2000 ext 11207, or by email (pamela.seiser@k12northstar.org).

    Is your student enrolled in an APEX online course?  Our tutor has access to those course assignments and can monitor testing. APEX also has a built-in online help feature under their HELP tab!

    Is your student enrolled in an Acellus online course? Our tutor has access to those courses, improving the tutoring experience and giving quick help to those struggling with a math problem. Acellus students will find the help tab in Acellus useful for seeing the lesson outline or accessing help videos.

  • Debbie Moses Learning Center welcomes high school students!

    This downtown center is a useful resource for high school students to seek tutoring in writing and math. The center is located in Room 120 at UAF Community Technical College,  604 Barnette Street.  The current tutoring schedule can be found at https://www.ctc.uaf.edu/student-services/student-success-center/

    For more information contact Jennifer Tilbury, Debbie Moses Learning Center Coordinator by email jltilbury@alaska.edu or by phone 907-455-2860.

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    Tutor.com is not only a hashtag, but it’s also the website address and trademark of a professional help site, that provides live online tutoring, every day of the week, 8am-2pm weekdays and noon-2 pm on weekends.

    • Available through any computer (PC or Mac) or mobile device with an internet connection
    • Free access through Alaska State Libraries:
    • To access the free version offered by the State of Alaska use this Live Tutor link
    • You will know you are at the free site when you see the Alaska State Libraries logo side by side with the Tutor.com logo.
    • Do you need to create an account? No, but if you are a frequent user, you will want to get an account to save tutoring notes, and have the capability to submit homework for review.
    • What to expect: Your tutor session will open in a new window with a live chat and a whiteboard screen. 
    • Prefer to use voice rather than text chats? That is an option you can check on your help form if your device has a microphone and speakers.
    • Students can also submit essays or math problems for review, without booking a live session, if they have created an account.