BEST Tutor


    Did you know that BEST has an in-house tutor, 9-11 am, and 12-4 pm, available M-F? Our tutor, Ms. Seiser, is the one to call if your student is struggling with a class assignment. You can schedule either an in-person or virtual tutor session with Ms. Seiser at, by phone at 452-2000 ext 11207, or by email (

    Is your student enrolled in an APEX online course? APEX also has a built-in online help feature under their HELP tab! Our tutor is also a coach for APEX classes, troubleshooting homework submittal problems, and proctoring APEX tests. 

    Is your student enrolled in an Acellus online course? Our tutor also has access to Acellus courses, improving the tutoring experience and giving quick help to those struggling with a math problem. Acellus students will find the help tab in Acellus useful for seeing the lesson notes or accessing help videos.